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Underwater Hull Cleaning Panama


Panama Ship Service will help you find the best solution for any underwater hull cleaning or maintenance service your ship needs at the Panama Canal. We will immediately mobilize our diver and technician specialist to locations in both the Port of Cristobal Colon on the Caribbean entry to the Panama Canal as well as the Port of Balboa on the Pacific entry to the Panama Canal to carry out necessary repair work without the need to drydock.

Panama Ship Service provides a meticulously service when performing underwater works hull cleaning into account all the prevailing circumstances, our Ships Hull Cleaning underwater works maintenance services include:

  • General inspection of the ships hull before cleaning work is started
  • Hull Cleaning with the a cost effective multi-brush system
  • Video and or camera inspection of the ships hull fouling conditions before and after hull cleaning
  • Written report with photographs of the ships hull fouling conditions before and after hull cleanings

We at Panama Ship Service are dedicated to the underwater works industry and follow all of the internationals standards of the Shipping Business (A.B.S., Class NK, and Lloyd´s).

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