Bunker SurveyPanama Ship Service undertakes survey and Inspections in accordance with international Codes, Rules or customer specifications. Our procedures introduce the required scope of survey & inspection accordingly.

Panama Ship Service offers Independent and accurate quantity measurement service for bunkers, and provide complete documentation for each Survey to support any claims to shortages or bad bunker quality disputes. Panama Ship Service also carry out Pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker barge/vessel and the receiving vessel.

We at Panama Ship Service conduct Bunker Surveys at Delivery and Re-Delivery as and when required by the client at both sides of the Panama Canal, Serving the Port of Balboa and Port of Cristobal.

Panama Ship Services Bunker Surveys includes:

  • Fuel Sampling (Shore Tanks, Tanker Vessels, Bunker Barges, Supply Vessels)
  • ROB & bunker quantity calculations before and after transfer operation
  • Fuel Testing by high standard and recognize laboratories.
  • De-Bunker survey
  • Ship to Ship survey operation

Additional services Panama Ship Service include BUNKER QUANTITY VERIFICATION SURVEY & BUNKER DETECTIVE SURVEY for clients.

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