Marine & Industrial Technologies Inc.,

Provides operational and technical service to the Shipping Industry at both sides of the Panamá Canal since 1999. Our services include: Bunker Survey, Draft Survey, Electrical installations, Underwater hull cleaning & repairs, Vessel fumigations, Compass adjustment, Structural & Mechanical Ship´s repairs, Slops removal, Garbage disposal, Provisions, Spare parts & deck supplies. E: [email protected] P: +507 6500-0023


The Submarine Welding

When a pipeline breaks at sea or the needs to repair vessels, the underwater welder enters paper as an auxiliary service. In Panama, there are specialized companies to perform this kind of services.

After an investigation about this profession, we have been able to identify the existence of two current methodologies used to perform the […]

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Underwater welding, a job for experts

The maritime industry has several services for the maintenance of ships, among which are those that are performed underwater because of the size of vessels with dimensions that are not easy to be repaired in another environment, because of time, costs, etc. In addition, trained commercial diving personnel are required to perform underwater welding services.

Among the underwater services you can find hull […]