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Provides operational and technical service to the Shipping Industry at both sides of the Panamá Canal since 1999. Our services include: Bunker Survey, Draft Survey, Electrical installations, Underwater hull cleaning & repairs, Vessel fumigations, Compass adjustment, Structural & Mechanical Ship´s repairs, Slops removal, Garbage disposal, Provisions, Spare parts & deck supplies. E: [email protected] P: +507 6500-0023

Panama Canal History and Story

La soldadura submarina

Cuando se rompe una tubería en el mar  o existe algún daño reparable en la parte inferior de un buque , el soldador submarino entra en papel como servicio auxiliar. En Panamá, existen empresas especializadas para realizar esta clase de servicios y es un negocio en donde se proyecta un gran auge los próximos […]

Self-cleaning in boat helmets

In the United Kingdom, the University of Newcastle developed an autonomous cleaning robot called HISMAR, which facilitates the external cleaning procedure on ships. In general, the working procedure carried by the robot can be defined in four steps:
1- Develop a cleaning map that the robot will take on the boat. By means of an […]

Panama Canal, 1903-1914

USA President Theodore Roosevelt oversaw the realization of a long-term United States goal—a trans-isthmian canal. Throughout the 1800s, American and British leaders and businessmen wanted to ship goods quickly and cheaply between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

To that end, in 1850 the United States and Great Britain negotiated the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty to reign in […]

History of Panama Canal

From 1819, Panama was part of the federation and country of Colombia but when Colombia rejected United States plans to build a canal across the Isthmus of Panama, the U.S. supported a revolution that led to the independence of Panama in 1903. The new Panamanian government authorized French businessman Philippe Bunau-Varilla, to negotiate a treaty […]